Exciting Changes To Our Rewards System!


The Survey PRAEG team love to reward our members, so we have decided to reward you more frequently!

From now on, we are changing our reward system. This means that rather than being rewarded four times a year, we will reward you as soon as you earn £5 worth of Survey PRAEG credits. Your last quarterly payment will be in July, before we switch to the new reward system.

Why? So you can be rewarded more frequently! Together with extra credit promotions, you can earn your rewards quicker.

How? Rewards are still paid out automatically to you in the same way. If your reward choice is vouchers or charity donations, these will be sent to you as and when you reach 5 credits (£5), on a Wednesday. If your reward choice is your community group, payments will be paid into your groups bank account when you have collectively earned £50. While you’re at it, why not recruit more members to your community group so you can earn a payout sooner?

Get rewarded for sharing your opinion about Gaelic media in Scotland.