Christmas Prize Draw 2022 Winners

Announcement – prize draw winners

It’s time to reward our lucky winners of the Survey PRAEG Christmas 2022 prize draw.

Congratulations to Elizabeth from Argyll, Lorna from Stornoway, and John from Edinburgh – the winners of the shopping vouchers – we hope you enjoy spending them.

Thank you to all our members for taking part, and keep a look out for the next prize draw!

Get rewarded for sharing your opinion about Gaelic media in Scotland.

Privacy Notice / Terms and Conditions Update

As a part of our continued efforts to improve transparency on how we use your personal data, keep your details safe and follow the latest data protection guidelines we’ve updated our Privacy Notice and Terms and Conditions.

Our Privacy Notice lets you know how we use, store and protect the information that we collect about you, who we share your data with and your Privacy Rights. As always, all your personal information will remain confidential and secure, and Survey PRAEG continues to guarantee members anonymity and confidentiality.

Click HERE to read the updated Privacy Notice.

Our Terms and Conditions let you know the terms, rules and guidelines of acceptable behaviour that members are expected to follow as well as information about our surveys and rewards.

Click HERE to read the updated Terms and Conditions.

Get rewarded for sharing your opinion about Gaelic media in Scotland.

A Shout Out to Young People in Scotland to be part of Media Research

Survey PRAEG is looking for young people aged 16-24 from across Scotland to complete questionnaires about television programmes and services.

The weekly questionnaires are easy and quick to complete and you will be rewarded with Amazon vouchers, or you can donate your rewards to charity. If you are a member of a community group (e.g. a sports club) ask your group to get involved and your group can enjoy funds of up to £1200 a year for taking part.

You can complete the questionnaires for free online.

The research is conducted by TRP Research on behalf of MG Alba.

Join online at or contact Ann 07985583736

Get rewarded for sharing your opinion about Gaelic media in Scotland.